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Mexican American Voices

Question 1

Primary sources are documents written or created during time of study. A corridois a primary source, it is a narrative and a poetry. Usually written very soon after an event has occurred which is the case of primary sources.The main target audience of ballads is a sophisticated audience. An audience that has the knowledge to understand a narrative.Relying on corridos as a source of history all times can cause problems as the information displayed can be bias the real information is covered up with a false one.

Question 2

Joaquin Murieta was a gold miner. His life was associated with the novel of life and adventures of Joaquin. Juan Cortina was a Mexican politician, he was also a military leader who controlled Mexican state as a governor.Juan Cortina was a folk hero while Joaquin Murieta was an outlaw leader, he sought the revenge of the killing of his brother and also killed all men that assaulted him.

U.S Civil War

Question 3

Legacy is history that has been passed from ancestors to the predecessors.Losing legacy means losing the roots of one’s own origin. Their history has not been put into writing it is forgotten, they are learning about their culture from other people who don’t even know their history.

Question 4

Most Mexican Americans who joined the union lived in the US while the rest who joined the confederacy lived in Texas, when the outbreak of civil war occurred thousands of Mexican Americans served the union army. In Texas things were different at first as the Tejanos were afraid to serve the confederacy as they had been accused as the main cause of war outbreak.Tejanos in the Underground Railroad mainly helped the runaway slaves escape into Mexico.Surprisingly after the outbreak of the war the number of Mexicans was reduced by half while many people as well as the US troops died of diseases such as dysentery.






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