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Mini Case Studies On Invisible Disabilities- Meet the Basketball Player

Autism is a disorder that has limited many people from leading a normal life and also limited them from expressing themselves. Jason, despite his autism, has managed to utilize his talent in basketball at his school. He is the basketball manager and also one of the best players. This has proved that disabilities are not a limitation to ones goals or talents. More importantly, Jason, being given a chance to play in the basketball team, helps him overcome depression and thoughts that he may not be like others. This also motivates him to be a better person and also gives him a platform to unleash his full potential. For example, like Jason being supported by his parents and his school, in one of the basketball matches, he emerged to be the best player. This creates a good feeling and also self-appreciation.

Supporting people with disabilities in the society, is something that need to be embraced as a virtue. Having a disability in life, is one of the hardest thing because of the way people view you. This leads to depression and making them feel unwanted. People with disabilities need to be given support which makes them feel loved. This also provides a sense of belonging for them and they are able to express themselves in the best ways possible. Supporting them makes them feel the same as everybody and are not ashamed of their condition. In conclusion, we ought to support everyone among us who lives with a disability to enhance togetherness and harmony in the society.







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