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Narcoterrorism has been a term utilized in describing terrorist tactics and activities that drug dealers rely on to get money and funds to boost their activities. Ideally, this is a form of terrorism that involves the distribution of illegal drugs.Terrorists around the world and in the very region have appeared to increasingly engage in drug trafficking. The Narco-terrorists have participated indirectly and directly in the manufacture, cultivation, transportation, and supply of illegal drugs(Thachuk and Lal, 2018).

There is a great link between terrorism and illicit drugs. The level of involvement in drug trafficking by terrorist groups has been significant since most groups have claimed to support drug trafficking.  Several terrorist organizations have offered security to drug traffickers such as transporting their products under the control of the terrorist groups.

Drug dealers have interfered with the enforcement of laws and policies through violence. Illicit drug trades have fueled terrorism since they have played a big role in facilitating terrorism strategies. It is a common assumption that most terrorist organizations incorporate drug dealing for the sake of their funding. One of the well-known Narco-terrorist is drug lord Pablo Escobar from Colombia whose activities were considered as attempts to influence the government policies through violence and systematic threat (Otis, 2014). Terrorists have been able to develop a close relationship with Narcissists. For instance, in Colombia, Pablo made international organized crimes that were relative to the ideological basis of terrorism.

Terrorist groups have increased their engagement in the lucrative illegal drug business and have relied on the drug revenues to boost their terrorism strategies. For instance, drug money has allowed the drug dealers to purchase equipment and weapons, recruit more militants, establish safe houses, a network of communications, and bribe officials (Thachuk and Lal, 2018). Additionally, there has been high monitoring of terrorists’ traditional forms of revenue sources which have led to the groups turning into revenues from illegal activities.Narco-terrorism has extended all over the world in areas such as Latin America and the Middle East and South America where it is well documented.




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