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Networking solutions: Wireless and Bluetooth

Wireless communications presentcorporations and users withnumerous benefits such as transferability and flexibility, enhancedoutput, and lower cost of installation. Wireless technologies cover a wide range of differentaptitudesfocused on diverse functions and needs. For instance, ad hoc networks, thoseempowered by Bluetooth, permit synchronization of data with network structures and sharing applications between gadgets.Based on the case study, the corporation that needs a network solution is a developing corporation that offers consultation services. The company has considered relocating to an old building with a thick masonry wall. The firm also has several laptops, mobile devices, and three printers that are Bluetooth and wireless network-enabled. With the rising trends of different wireless connections, the owner seeks to gain information on the organization’s most appropriate network mechanism. The paper aims to state the essential characteristics of wireless and Bluetooth technologies, the best practices concerning the organization, recommendations, pros and cons of each mechanism.

Basic Characteristics

Wireless technology is incorporated in various smart grid organizations to enhanceeffectual communication between multiple userswithin a similar network. Many persons have implementedthis network structureas it is considered to be more reliable.Characteristics of wireless technologies include the following:  Foremost, Wireless technologies possess a high capability balancing that guarantees it loads and stabilizes each kind of gadget integrated into the network (Florea et al., 2017). The wireless technologies should be scalable to advance the entity’s diverse scales to offer growth opportunities. Other wireless technologies possess an effective network management structure that manages each operation in the network.On the other hand, Bluetooth exhibits various characteristics. Foremost, Bluetooth technology can concurrently manage two sets of data and several voice broadcasts. The other features include strength, low power, reduced costs, and the point that it is a universal standard for swappinginformation amongvarious static and mobile gadgets.


Functioning Of Wireless Networks and Bluetooth to Achieve Business Goals.

To realize the corporation’s goals, the two forms of network links have to operatein different methods.There exist rational contrasts between the two technologies, wireless connection and the Bluetooth form of networking. Wireless connections have been considered very effective in the course of realizing organizational objectives. The links offer enhancedflexibilityletting mobile handsets, notebooks, and computers roam around devoid of network disconnection.Wireless connection increases speed and reduces the number of cables used in a link (Khalil et al., 2017). It has a widervariety of systems and covers diverseregionswithin a corporation without proper network connections. Conversely, bluetooth connectivity is equallyvital. It advances organizational objectives by incorporating users and systems on the same network that facilitates transmission within the same area. Both wireless and Bluetoothforms of connectivity are consideredvaluable and vital in development by the corporation.


Best Practices For The Management Of Network Technology Issues.

Several requirements required for effective management include creating an inventory of a host of systems to discover the most appropriategrids and the most effectualmethodof handling arising concerns. The business would similarly institute numerous change control mechanisms to guaranteeevery infrastructureisaltered to realize organizational objectives. It would also be important to comprehendevery need to observe the diverse set processes and the duration. An appropriate status icon map would also be required to locate the significant segmentswhereby the best practices could be incorporated.


For this business entity, because it is a small start-up consultation firm aiming towards growth, several best-practiced networking resolutions would comprise a router. This is a gadget used in facilitating the connection of networked laptops to the internet (LimWoo& Li, 2020). The server would also be effective in providing appropriate storage of information and reassuring security. The switches may likewise be convenient and crucial to turning on and off the connection when required. The resolutions possess both benefits and drawbacks. The server’s profits include help in combining different information; however, it may be very ineffectual if mismanaged. The router would easily bedamaged, notwithstandingpossessingapt connectivity to additional internet gadgets.





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