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Review on Linux

This case study contains captivating information regarding the Linux operating system. I learnt that the Carrier Grade Carrier Grade Linux was initiated in 2002, with UNIX dictating the information center marketplace and Solaris playing host to approximately 95% of telecommunications software.I do not consider it as a surprising aspect as Linux is outstanding in its execution, steady and dependable. The case study also states that the Linux operating system is currently being regarded as the best choice for carrier information center and cloud distribution. Most businesses anticipate their workload to be stored in the cloud and approximately 75% of cloud entities are presently incorporating Linux as their key cloud framework. However, realizing the current financial exchange markets run on the Linux OS is entirely new to me.

On the other hand, the most surprising aspect within the case study is that most android mobile handsets integrate the Linux operating system. Based on the case study, I now have a clear understanding of why android mobile gadgets are less expensive compared to iPhones. The android system is a mobile operating system founded on an improved edition of the Linux kernel that is primarily intended for use on touchscreen mobile gadgets.Linux offers the Android makers a pre-built, already retained operating system kernel to begin with to prevent the complexity of developing their kernel (Taylor, 2018).  Moreover, Linux kernel is a free and open source operating system.

As a result, producers incur less cost during the production of android smartphones. It also offers ceaseless customization making it as comprehensible as to how it is so extensively utilized numerous firms(Kakkar, 2019).Another vital aspect based on the case study is that, because Androiddoes not comprise of all the typical GNU libraries, it is challenging to execute Linux applications on Android. It only hosts applications specially developed for Android gadgets, for instance, smartphones and tablets.Linux is gradually turning out to be the most domineering operating system globally.




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Taylor, D. (2018). Why Linux is better than Windows or MACOS for security. Computerworld. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3252823/why-linux-is-better-than-windows-or-macos-for-security.html






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