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Sharing of products question and Answer

Question 1

Sharing of products, for instance, amongst communities, is advisable as it builds trust within the society as it is based on the collaboration amongst both users and the providers. This helps in fostering honesty and transparency, which are critical aspects of a prosperous sharing economy. However, there are various cons in sharing the product of the labor within a community. For instance, products developed in an industry, which involves material products of worker’s labor, are retailed more than the value of the labor itself i.e., more than the wages of the workers. In this manner, the laborers fail to benefit from the additional value of the products shared amongst the community.

Question 2

Arguably, citizens are reasonable when they view one another as equal and free in a system of social cooperation. Equality and liberty motivate individuals to form an organized society. People have their own sets of interests that should be linked to moral power. According to Rawl’s first principle, each person should have the same claim to fully adequate the same scheme of liberties (Forder, 2018). The second principle states that the economic and social positions ought to be an advantage to everyone and open for all (Forder, 2018). This means that social and economic positions should be open to all under the conditions of equal opportunities and should be for the most significant advantage to the least advantaged society members. 


Forder, A. (2018). Two theories of social justice. In Theories of Welfare (pp. 182-202). Routledge.


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