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Software Development and Your Role in It

Software development is considered as a life cycle of proceduresconsisting of a well-segregated organizationof procedures imposed for software that may trend in the industry. Numerouseventshappen during the entirety of the software development process.The software development process, notwithstanding the developer, goes through numerousphases in a stepwise fashion. The phases includeplanning and requirement, system design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Software Development Processes

The first process involves the planning and requirement stage. According to Swords (2017), the requirement stage is considered the most significant and fundamental phase in the software development life cycle. The team’s senior members perform the process with the consumer’s inputs, the sales division, market surveys, and fieldspecialists within the sector. The data is later used to plan the elementary project approach and conduct a product feasibility study in the economic, operative, and technical aspects. Preparation for the quality assurance needs and risk identification linked to the project is likewise done in the planning stage.

The second process entails system design. In this phase, a rough copy is prepared for the software based on phase one requirement stipulations. The system design aids in identifying the hardware and system requirements. Itaidsin defining a general system in software design. The system’s design specifications serve as the input for the subsequentstage of the software development concept. Testers establish test approaches by citingelements to test and modes of checking within this specific stage.

The third process involves coding or implementation. After obtaining the software’s design documents, the task following the design phase is splituniformly into various entities and modules. The actual coding begins in this stage. The keyemphasis of the stage is the generation of flawless coding by programmers. This specificstage is the lengthiest in the wholecycle.

The fourth process involves testing. In this phase, the assessment team begins testing the system’s functionality. This is performed to authenticate that the whole application functions according to the client’s requirements. Moreover, the assessment team might locate some bugs, which they thenconvey to the programmers.  This procedure continues until the application is free of bugs, steady, and functioning according to the system’s business needs.

The fifth process involves software deployment. After the testing phase’s debugging process, the final program code is executed into the software and executed for use by consumers. In most cases, the software deployment mayoccur in phases as per the organization’s business strategy.  Based on the feedback, the software might be released as recommended improvements in the targeting market fragment.

The final process involves maintenance. This stage’s key focus is to guarantee that requirements are continuously met and that the software application continues performing as per the specification cited in the initial stage.The maintenance stage is executed only when consumers have fully integrated the software.

Roles by Team Members

There exist several roles that should be filled to guarantee the successful execution of a software development project. Foremost, a client project lead represents a client firm all through the process of development. A client project lead is liable for guaranteeing a clear definition and implementing the project’s design requirements. In most instances, this role may be filled by the client within an agile development model. The second role involves a project manager. A project administrator should be an individual that is capable of effectively communicating with shareholders and the design team. Project managers are given the mandate of managing the needs based on the project’s scope. Moreover, a project manager should oversee the testing and delivery of the software to the clientele.

The third role involves programmers or developers. The roles use established technical requisites to generate price and timeline estimations. Programmers write the codes and develop the software founded on the design presented. The other role involves project sponsors. Project sponsors are vital in the overall project implementation. The project benefactor collaborates with the project management group, assisting with broader project affairs, for instance, scope interpretation, advancement, observing and prompting other individuals to profit the software project.

Java Programming Language and the Java Development Environment

A Java programmer is liable for the design, development, and management of java based applications within a software development project. Java programmers mainly use Java programming language to develop codes that are effective and well-designed. In most development projects, a java programmer is required. Foremost, java programmers may think ahead by integrating their understanding of java to acquire a rough concept of the code for a particular project.

In a project’s development phase, a programmer initiates the code writing process, and therefore, comprehending the language expedites the development and may result in fewer errors.  A java programmer is responsible for the testing and debugging of the software application (Watts, 2017). Knowledge of java will significantly assist in locating and fixing any faults. Lastly, it is also essential to prepare documentation, and therefore, comprehension of the programming language facilitates easier preparation of a document that enhances the client’s understanding of the software functionality.




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