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Standards of Nursing Practice

Part 1

TX BON rule 217.11is a set of minimum acceptable standards in chapter 301 of theTexas Occupations Codeapplicable to all practicing nurses in a different cascade that they appear in the document. The law is essential in promoting safe working measures for both nurses and their clients. What is more, it helps practitioners know the rationale of administering specific treatments and their effects. Additionally, it ensures that nurses seek the necessary instructions or supervision when performing particular procedures. Lastly, it ensures nurses practicea methodicalapproach to provide personalized, goal-directed harboringcare.

Part 2

There is this one time I had to sedate an infant. The dose I administered due to traumawas like that for an adult. All this can be attributed to an emotional breakdown from the loss of my grandma. If placed in a similar circumstance again, there is no option but to let another emotionally fit nurse perform the procedure. It would be against the TX BON rule 217.11 rule to proceed with the process despite emotional setbacks.

Part 3

1).Law and nursing areprofessions devoted to helping patients/clients and society by advocating for healthcare improvement and justice.

2).The nurse has a duty to practice competently and to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for lawful, safe, and effective practice.

3).Informed consent cases are a type of malpractice suit

4). In terms of accountability, nurses must take responsibility for their actions and the actions of others involved in the delegation process.


Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, Part 11, Chapter 217, Rule 217.11. Retrieved February 24, 2021, from https://www.bon.texas.gov/rr_current/217-11.asp


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