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Terrorism and Other Related Terms

Understanding terrorism in the context of global security demands understanding the various factors that influence terrorist activities. According to the context to which terrorist occurs, it may contribute to crimes. This paper will focus on the definition of terrorism, counterterrorism, insurgency, Guerilla, and other related terms such as revolutionaries.

Terrorism has been considered as the utilization of intimidation and violence specifically to threaten and undermine the current government or civilians. Most of the terrorism acts stem from ideological and religious issues which led to the perpetration of criminal activities such as kidnapping, murder, arson, drug trafficking, and hostage-taking or even consistent spread of fear among individuals which leads to public danger (Nacos, 2016).

Counter-terrorismis termed as military or political activities that have been designed to thwart and prevent terrorism(Louis and Shor, 2019).Relatively, counterterrorism entails the establishment of an international legal framework against terrorism. For instance, some of the counterterrorism strategies include suppressing and preventing funding of terrorist organizations and promoting co-operation and dialogue on how to fight terrorism.

The insurgency has been a historical term that describes rebellious acts by a group to those in authority. This has been an intense attempt to fight the government. Considerably, the insurgency has applied in the armed uprising with guerilla character. They have been characterized by their rebellion against the established government of a country or state.

Guerilla is a small organized group that attempts to fight a larger stronger force. This has been a type of ware fare by the irregulars or organized groups against the police and military forces. Guerilla was traditionally used as a weapon of protest that was used to rectify imagined or real wrongs by the ruling government. Other related terrorism-related terms include political crime and terrorist organizations. Political crime is considered as an organized crime to threaten the existing government (Nacos, 2016). This includes non-violent and violent acts from assassination and terrorism to non-violent acts such as treason, dissent, and espionage. Terrorist groups are organized criminals that rely on the threat of intense violence. Terrorist groups conduct terrorist attacks that aim at intimidating and preventing authorities or organizations from acting in a certain manner.




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