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The African Court on Human and People’s Right

Article:Ilie, L. (2021, April 14). Crime networks suspected of burning tech waste for scrap metal in Romania. Retrieved April 15, 2021, from https://www.reuters.com/article/earth-day-romania-fires/crime-networks-suspected-of-burning-tech-waste-for-scrap-metal-in-romania-idUSL8N2M74M0

The article provides insights on how poor Romanians have been recruited to burn discarded electronic kits and car scrap metal in the villages surrounding Bucharest. There exists organized crime network that facilitate the burning of trash near river beds, and the fires according to environmentalist are a source of air pollution (Ilie, 2021). Companies bring in trucks of tyres, cables, and computer parts which the poor villagers’ burn thus releasing toxic smoke into the air. Incomplete legislation, bureaucracy and corruption have been attributed to the organized crimes flourishing in the handling of waste. Romania has previously being sued by Brussels over environmental cases, waste management, air pollution, and water.

Environmental crimes seem to be a menace that environmentalist and the various unions such as European Union are trying to fight. As illustrated in the article above, the war on environmental crimes should begin at the grass root level as majority of people are not aware of the harm that they cause to the environment by their individual waste disposal methods.


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