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Virtualization Tools

Virtualization is simply the process of creating a virtual instance of a technology resource instead of deploying the real technology. Visualization allows organizations to run multiple virtual computers, operating systems, and applications on a single physical server. This essay will discuss my experiences with virtualization tools as I have used them before.

Virtualization is based on a time-sharing concept—a process of sharing computing resources. For example, a single server may split into four different servers, each utilizing a quarter of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), storage, and other resources (Brown,2019). In my experience, virtualization is beneficial in a variety of ways. First, it cuts your IT expenses. When you virtualize your environment, a single physical server transforms into many virtual machines hosted by a single server. Besides, you also save energy as one system takes up less energy than many different systems. You, therefore, will not require buying and maintaining additional servers.

Cost-saving is not the only benefit of virtualization; there is also minimal downtime. Even budget-friendly virtualization services can offer an uptime of almost 99.9% today (Brown,2019). They allow for cloning; a replica is ready for use in minutes instead of the hours it typically takes to set up a new resource (Celesti et al., 2016). Also, in case of a breakdown, you do not have to repair or replace it. You can quickly create a new instance and promptly recover its contents from a backup solution. Restoring an entire system requires more time.

Increased efficiency and productivity is another to add to the benefits of virtualization. With fewer servers, your IT teams will be able to spend less time maintaining the physical hardware. Less time is dedicated to preserving the virtual environment. In conclusion, virtualization provides a greater return on a company`s investment.




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