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Week 8 Discussion Homework Help


Post 1

I agree that cybercrime is a menace that has grown and developed rapidly over the years. Cyber-attacks expose highly secretive information from the government premises and also leads to the loss of millions of dollars every year from various companies. Brook (2020), asserts that the average cost of the data breach was $3.9 million in the year 2019. This illustrates the huge losses that companies incur from the cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attack being a major challenge to many countries of the globe, there is a need for international cooperation that will help come up with solutions. Tracing of cyber-attacks is one of the many remedies which can be applied. People who perform cyber-attacks should be traced back to their roots and face the necessary disciplinary actions stated by the law against cybercrimes. Organizations and law enforcement agencies from different countries should work together in unison helping each other to curb this menace. Lax laws should be taken into close consideration to prevent them from being misused by cyber attackers. In conclusion, cybercrimes can be halted if only people work together.

Post 2

The most important global cybersecurity challenge is education and training. This touches every aspect of other challenges as other challenges come as a result of particular knowledge in something. Companies and organizations may not be aware of the growing cybercrimes with time if they do not keep up with the arising concerns in the information technology sector. A little progress in business technologies also leads to an advancement in technologies used for cyber-attacks. Proper awareness of the threats in hand has been established and people have come to understand the weight of the matter at hand (Cunningham, 2015). Businesses should learn how to address cyber as an intrinsic chunk of their business decisions. Global partnership (2020) has it that information is never bound by national limits. The most important thing is to keep everyone informed of the current developments.


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