Shifts in consumer behaviour

The essay topic is as follows:How has COVID changed consumer shoppingbehaviour? Justify.This is an essay based on scholarly journal articleresearch, theory and critical evaluation/synthesis(not mere description).You will choose to focus on one of the followingshifts in consumer behaviour:a) Shift from in-store to online shoppingb) Thrift, saving, austerity, circular economyc) Panic buyingYou must support your answer with theory. Youmust use a minimum of 8 journal articles (fromsources classified as Journals). Your essay shoulddemonstrate a clear understanding and articulationof scholarly research on the essay topic.You may incorporate brand examples to illustrateyour discussion. These examples should be drawnfrom the scholarly journal articles that you havereferenced. Examples should not be drawn frompersonal experience. Examples may be drawnfrom reputable industry reports (eg. McKinsey,Deloitte, IBISWorld etc). You use of brandexamples should be secondary to your focus ontheoretical analysis and critical discussion. (2000 words)


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