Social Psychology – Alcohol and Drugs Assignment | Online Assignment

Choose a topic covered within social psychology, research the topic, and apply the topic to current society or current events. THE TOPIC FOR THIS PAPER WILL BE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS!! Your paper will include at least five sources related to your topic. The paper will provide an oversight of the topic including any related theories or major research. The paper will also apply the topic to current society including how the application of social psychology can provide valuable insight regarding contemporary social interactions. [ The textbook we used in this class covered this topic in chapter 7. The textbook is free and this chapter can be found here: ] The paper should be five to six pages (at least five pages, but no more than six) double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman Font in APA format. The paper will include at least five APA in-text citations as well as a properly formatted Reference section. Review the rubric below to understand how your paper will be evaluated.


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