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Scenario: ​
The Jayhawkville Unified School District has encountered a projected budget shortfall in the next biennium. The district’s board of directors is considering a proposal that would cut the district’s athletic budget in its entirety. Upon hearing about this possibility, leaders at the Jayhawkville Country Club began considering significant investments in the club that could signal movement toward the privatization of high school athletics in the Jayhawkville community.

Instructions: ​
You have been hired as an independent consultant on this matter due to your vast knowledge of the current discourse regarding the future of high school athletics in the Jayhawkville area. After considering all of the information at your disposal on the Learning Resources page, write an argumentative essay that answers the following question: What kind of impact would cutting the athletic budget of Jayhawkville Unified School District have on the community?

Your final piece will be featured in an upcoming special edition to the Jayhawkville Journal. Public perception on this issue will likely be swayed based on your findings, so be sure to be thorough in your research and your arguments.

Things to consider
Which high school students would be most affected? Why?
Which students would be least affected? Why?
What does a modern high school look like without athletics?
What are better ways for the district to spend money in lieu of having an athletic program?
What would a privatized club sport system suggest about entry points?
Can club sports be inclusive?

Your essay should be at least 750–1,000 words in length. The references page is not counted toward the word count.
Format the paper according to APA style. An abstract is not required.
Cite at least six sources. The materials on the Learning Resources page may be applied toward this figure.
Students will be graded on the depth of their research, the support for their argument, and their ability to relate the case back to other course content.


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