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Upload a chart of the shares you purchased


For the next few weeks you will “invest” in stocks and track your investments.

You will need to review some reading about trading or buying shares on a stock exchange.


Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the Capital Markets
2) Describe an equity security (stock)
3) Experience buying and selling stocks (virtually)


– You have $50,000 USD (US dollars) to invest and you must spend at least $49,500.
– You must invest in at least 3 stocks.
– You can invest on any exchange worldwide as long as the stock trades and is liquid.
(Liquid means that investors buy and sell this stock regularly)

– You need to buy your stock by May 3rd and then check the stock price at the third week to calculate your gains.
– You will enter the stock info in the Stock Market Game Tracker of your choice or creation.
– You need to buy and hold the stock for the entire three weeks. You can track the price during the three weeks if you like.
– You will sell your stock and upload your completed stock chart on May 17th


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