Study Guide Criminal Justice Assignment | Online Assignment

Study Guide define with briefly note of each exclusionary rule independent source doctrine inevitable discovery exception search warrant warrant less searches knock & announce searches show up, lineup and photo array motive and intent relevant evidence rape shield statutes best evidence rule primary and secondary evidence Jencks and Brady material authentication of evidence chain of evidence/custody reason for chain of custody tagging and bagging evidence jury inspection of physical evidence introduction of photographs searches incident to arrest inventory searches stop and frisk of people and vehicles Fourth Amendment suggestive identification by witnesses Biggers factors Sixth Amendment right to counsel Fifth Amendment right to counsel nude and gruesome photographs placing objects in crime scene photos objections – sustained and overruled lay witnesses expert witnesses scheduling court testimony – on call and vacations the “rule” and excluding witnesses from the court room criminal record of defendants – admissible in court? Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine attenuation doctrine independent source doctrine inevitable discovery exception silver platter doctrine character evidence rules mens rea public and private documents: examples defendant’s right to discovery informant identity exculpatory evidence property control documents consent searches self authenticating evidence destruction of officer’s original notes scientific evidence posed or reconstructed crime scenes Carroll doctrine Terry v. Ohio Weeks v. United States Illinois v. Gates Arizona v. Gant


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