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Texting and English writing, does it help or hurt writing?


#1 Select from the following topics:

  1. Michelle Alexander and The New Jim Crow: How race matters in America.
  2. Whites and the working class: Why they voted for Donald Trump.
  3. Minority student clubs in American colleges and universities: Integration or Segregation?
  4. Texting and English writing, does it help or hurt writing?
  5. Google: Is it making us smarter or not?
  6. Why women can’t have it all in modern society.
  7. Why men can’t have it all in modern society.
  8. From he or she: Gender fluidity in America and elsewhere.
  9. Why gay men still have it better in America.
  10. Select a topic of your own for the research paper.

#2 Compose a ten-page essay that argues your point of view.

#3 Include a works cited page with at least 5 sources (one of them can be the textbook for this course).

Here is the breakdown for the 100 point total:

1) Introduction of the research paper (10)

2) Thesis statement (10)

3) Supporting details- 5 or more (10)

4) Essay organization overall (10)

5) Citations (10)

6) Transitions throughout (10)

7) Essay contains challenges to each supporting detail from the opposite side of the argument (10)

8) MLA formatting and grammar, spelling, and punctuation overall (10)

9) The conclusion of the research paper (10)

10) Works Cited page including at least 5 sources



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