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Font size: 12 Font: Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri Spacing: Double Save your research article as a word document and name it: yourfirstnamelastnameresearcharticle1 Format: Your article should include: A title A body where you present your research and conclusions, A Works Cited page in MLA style Content: Your article should include An original claim supported by reasoning and evidence (“I Say”) Discussions of how your claim responds to the research you have done (“They Say”). You might also include some reflections on your research process, describing how your thinking on the topic/question evolved in the course of the project. Here is a template: Title 1- Introduction: Original Claim: Introduction where you present your claim in a thesis statement (one paragraph) and present some of the aspects/main points related to the claim that you will be addressing. For instance, if you make the claim that snacks throughout the day contribute to an increase in obesity in the Midwest. Mention some aspects related to how snacks (or what types of snacks) contribute to an increase in obesity amongst young adults in the Midwest. You may say that “Research indicates” after you state your original claim. This way, you connect your introduction with the body of the research article. 2- Body: Present your research and the conclusions you draw. In this section, you will discuss how the research you have done and annotated responds to your original claim. (4 pages) 4- 3- Conclusion: Present your reflections on the research process that you have engaged into and talk about whether your thinking about your topic claim has evolved or has not. In this section, you are not going to be introducing any new ideas. It is your opportunity to reflect on what you have already claimed and researched. Therefore, it is your conclusion. 5- 4- Works Cited page. Use the MLA style (8th edition) to cite your sources at the end on a separate page.


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