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What is social capital?

Social Capital

  • What is social capital? (100 words)
  • Provide three reasons why America’s social capital might be declining. Provide three reasons why America’s social capital might not be declining. Conclude with your assessment of whether or not America’s social capital is or is not declining. (600 words)

Building Social Capital: Civic Attitudes and Behavior of Public Servants

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory: J-PART, 13(1), 5–25.

Brewer, G. (2003).

Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital

Journal of Democracy, 6(1), 65–78.

Putnam, R. (1995).

PowerPoint Slide Set 1: Social Capital

This slide set contains information needed for Discussion 1.

Moloney, K. (2018s)


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