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Workplace violence against nurses?

Workplace Violence in Nursing

Workplace violence against nurses?

Before submitting your paper, ask the following questions:

  • Is verb tense consistent throughout the paper (reporting research in the past tense)?
  • Generally, is the paper written in active voice?
  • Are comma splices, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences avoided?
  • Is word redundancy avoided?
  • Is language free of bias?
  • Are who/whom, that/which, that/who used correctly?
  • Is punctuation (especially commas and apostrophes) used correctly?
  • Are “think” and “feel” used correctly?
  • Do any sentences end with a preposition?
  • Is jargon, clichés, and informal language avoided?
  • Are singular subjects used with singular verbs and plural subjects with plural verbs?
  • Were spell check and grammar check used?

this is the continuation of previous paper. (F506)

you have to continue this paper.This is final paper.Add 2 more full pages .Write other content with conclusion.

this is grading criteria.Look at this first and follow the instructions

please write good papr.Use APA format.Use citations.


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