Writing Assignment 2

Read Kreeft, Fundamentals of the Faith, pp. 29-106, Catechism, para. 26-49, 144-175 (100 Points) (3-4 pages)

1. According to Kreeft, is faith irrational? What are apologetics and how do they help one to
understand this relationship between faith and reason? (Use Kreeft, Hauser, and the
reading from the Catechism to help answer these questions.)
2. What are the arguments from design and first-cause? How might they influence one to
believe in God? What is the argument from history? Does it work? Is this convincing? In
3. what way might this be the most difficult argument to dismiss?
4. What is the problem of evil? Does it support the existence of God? Explain.
5. What does Kreeft say about the unique nature of Christianity? What does he say heaven and hell and how does that relate the uniqueness of Christianity? How is the unique nature of the faith linked to the unique claims about Christ? How do miracles help explain this uniqueness?
6. How is it different from Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam? What is the New Paganism? What challenges does it pose for
7. What is the relationship of faith and truth? What does Hauser say about this relationship?
Why must hold that there is a truth in order to have faith? What happens to those who do
not live in the truth? What is the relationship of truth and freedom?


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